What is the turnaround time on orders?

Turn around time depends on the amount of orders we have at any given moment, and the size of the order, but typically it takes us 4-5 business days to complete an order of regular size.

Do you do residential installations?

No we currently do not do residential installations, but we work with a couple of reputable companies that do residential installations, that we would be happy to put you in touch with.

I have a bunch of old signs, are you able to resurface them?

Yes! If you are switching brokerages or rebranding, bring your old lawn signs or sandwich board signs in and we can redecal them for you. Please ensure they are relatively clean, and not made out of particle board before bringing them in.

Does Blue Mountain do light up pylon signs?

At this moment we do not but as always, we have many industry connections and can point you in the correct direction.

Does Blue Mountain Store our sign inventory?

We do not carry any inventory for residential realtors at our shop, all inventory would be at the installation companies headquarters. As for Commercial we do store the signs, and storage fees are part of the removal fee for commercial signs.

Do you guys print business cards or feature sheets?

At this moment we do not print feature sheets or business cards, but are happy to point you in the correct direction.

Do you have an inhouse graphic design team?

Sort of. As far modifications to a sign or moving letters and numbers around we can handle that, sometimes for a small design fee, job depending. We do not offer full graphic design brand packages such as logo creation, brand values etc. but are happy to point you to one of our design teams that we work with on a regular basis.

What type of files are best to send for artwork?

The best files to send your logo as or your sign design, are Vectors such as .pdf, or .eps. Please ensure that the fonts are all converted to curves/outlines, and all objects are flattened to one layer. If there is something improper with your logo, we will let you know.

Are you guys open on weekends?

We are not open on weekends, but if you are in need of something for the weekend and cannot make it before closing time on Friday, please let us know and we if we can accommodate, we can leave the signs in our dropbox for pick up.

I have a crazy idea for a sign, and I'm wondering you can help me?

We are always looking to push the boundaries of what we are able to do here at Blue Mountain Signs, and if you have an idea you’re curious about or want input about a concept, please always feel free to call or shoot us an email with your idea, and we will be happy to get back.