Full Color Coroplast

Light weight and versatile

Made from corrugated plastic this light weight and versatile product can be used for anything from window signs,
toppers and hangers for your lawn signs to large scale 4′ x 8′ applications and larger.

For Sale Directional Yard Signs

Street level advertising is one of the most effective marketing and branding tools an agent has.  For Sale directional yard signs are simple and budget friendly way to make a huge impression in your target community.  Chitrangad Attri from Urban Realty branded his yard signs with his web and email address ensuring any interested buyer or seller can contact him.

Open House Directional Signs

Jenny Blanchette from Grand Realty wanted directional yard  and lawn signs that would attract attention her open houses.  The coroplast also known as corrugated plastic directional signs are a light weight,  versatile and a very affordable alternative to sandwich boards.

Arrow Just Listed

Dan Geneau and the Lead Team  wanted eye catching directional yard signs.  These light weight coroplast plastic yard signs with bold graphics are perfect for grabbing attention in the neighborhood.  The arrow shape on the lawn sign becomes its own 'call to action'.

Coroplast Covers for Sandwich Boards


Extend the life of your sandwich boards with coroplast covers.  These sandwich boards were destined for the landfill. Instead we re-purposed them into garage sale signs using coroplast covers. Now Barry and Cynthia Korpatnisky can lend these sandwich boards to clients for garage sales.

Wall Mounted Coroplast

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Cushman & Wakefield required the replacement of the existing commercial For Lease signs with their own new signage on an office building in Calgary.  Coroplast (corugated plastic) was a great option for them. Coroplast is inexpensive, light weight, weather proof and great for temporary signage. Our installation crew quickly replace the old sign with the new commercial For Lease signs with no disturbance to the public or the buildings tenants.

4 x 8 Coroplast Real Estate Sign

Coroplast plastic signs are the perfect solution when you need a light weight and durable material.  This 4' x 8' Coroplast plastic sign is light enough to hang from the construction fence. Using our flatbed printer we print direct to the material taking your image straight from the screen to the sign.

Directional Signs

Light weight advertising powerhouses.  Directional yard and lawn signs are inexpensive, highly mobile and can generate thousands of views. Perfect for Real Estate for sale, Garage Sales, Election signage and more.

Custom Toppers

Lawn signs are an incredibly unique opportunity to advertise your property and your brand.  Extend that advertising with custom coroplast toppers. They can be designed to announce everything from SOLD to PRICE REDUCED or simply extend your brand with web address information.

Coroplast Toppers and Hangers

Make your sign pop and grab attention with coroplast toppers and hangers.  Easily attached to your real estate lawn and yard sign you can create custom messages and extend your branding.  We print these toppers with high quality UV resistant inks.

Coroplast Condo and Window Signs

Plastic coroplast signs are perfect for advertising in windows and places where other traditional signs will not work or are not allowed.  We can print these signs in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any location.  We can add grommets to make the signs easy to attach to a fence or balcony.  

Real Estate Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are ideal for real estate signage.  We can design, print and install coroplast signs to advertise your clients property for sale or lease.  The flexible coroplast material can allow us to install your sign in a wide variety of locations.

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