Bucket Truck Services

Blue Mountain Signs bucket truck services can help you get your advertising where it will make the biggest impact.
Our bucket truck service includes site visits to make measurements and provide no obligation quotes.

Flag Installations


Flags add color, action and powerful branding.  A popular tool for real estate developers and builders.  With our bucket truck service we can easily add flags to almost any site.

Custom Banner Installation

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Design, Print, Installation all come together on this creative banner installation for Cushman & Wakefield. After a site visit to take measurements, we custom printed this vibrant vinyl banner to fit perfectly on the existing sign platform.

Banner installed with Bucket Truck

A wide variety of advertising mediums can be used when using our bucket truck services.  In Calgary and area we install banners , wood signs and coroplast signs on a regular basis.  We include a site visit to take measurements.  Contact us for a no obligation quote anytime.

Flag Installation

We install flags, banners, signs and more with our bucket truck services.  Flags are a fantastic way to bring a site to life.   We can easily install flags and more to your project with our bucket truck service crew.

Building Mounted

Our installation crew can install a wide variety of signs onto almost any building in Calgary and area.   Our bucket truck service is fast and reliable.  We use our own bucket truck and installation crew so that we can ensure the job is on-time and always looks its best.

4th Storey Installation


For advertising to work you need exposure.  Get your signs off the ground were they can be obstructed by trees, vehicles and other signs. This 3 - 4 storey bucket truck installation job exposes this sign to thousands of people a day on Macleod Trail in Calgary.

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